Some Facts About Camel along with its Real Terminology


Scientific Name:Camelus dromedarius
Common Name:Camel/Jamel
Other Name(s):Dromedary Camel, Arabian Camel, One-Humped Camel
Number Of Species:1
Location:Asia, Africa and Australia
Habitat:Arid desert and scrubland
Colour:Cream, Tan, Brown, Black, white, Fawn etc
Skin Type:Hair/wool
Size (L):2.2m – 3.5m (7.25ft – 11.5ft)
Weight:300kg – 900kg
Top Speed:64kph (40mph)
Prey:Thorny and Salty Plants, Grass, Grain
Group Behaviour:Herd
Life Span:40 – 50 years
Age Of Sexual Maturity:3 – 5 years
Gestation Period:390 – 410 days
Average Litter Size:1
Name Of Young:Huwwar/Calf
Age Of Weaning:4 months
Conservation Status:Common
Estimated Population Size:20 million
Biggest Threat:Drought
Most Distinctive Feature:Long…

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About Dr. Bukar USMAN, mni

I started as a field Veterinary officer with Borno State Ministry of Agriculture and later joined College of Agric, Maiduguri as a lecture & a Researcher in the Department of Animal Health & Production. I was appointed the Provost of the College In 2003. In 2007 I was appointed Hon. Commissioner & Member Borno State Executive Council and later appointed Permanent Secretary with the Borno State Civil Service in 2009. I was the National Facilitator Animal Health, National Programme For Food Security of the Federal Ministry of Agric & Rural Development, Abuja. I was Director, Veterinary Medicine & Allied Products (VMAP) and now Director North East Zone NAFDAC. I’m a member of the National Institute’ (mni), Kuru SEC 40, 2018. I engaged myself in various aspects of the veterinary profession. I founded Sril Group Ltd, Nigeria.
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