Ask A Farmer: How Are Antibiotics Used in Cattle?

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I am often asked how antibiotics are used in cattle. Every situation is different and every veterinary prescription can change depending on a large number of environmental factors. The following Questions and Answers regarding antibiotics use in cattle come from South Dakota State University Extension. Be sure to visit their page to learn more about antibiotics use in livestock, how farmers and veterinarians work together to raise cattle for a safe beef supply.

Read more FAQ about raising cattle and submit your own questions on my Ask A Farmer page.

What are antibiotics?

Antibiotics are medicines that are given to people and animals to treat or prevent certain illnesses caused by bacteria.  Antibiotics either kill or hinder the growth of harmful bacteria in animals and people.

Why are antibiotics given to cattle?

Antibiotics are given to animals that are sick, in order…

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I started as a field Veterinary officer with Borno State Ministry of Agriculture and later joined College of Agric, Maiduguri as a lecture & a Researcher in the Department of Animal Health & Production. I was appointed the Provost of the College In 2003. In 2007 I was appointed Hon. Commissioner & Member Borno State Executive Council and later appointed Permanent Secretary with the Borno State Civil Service in 2009. I was the National Facilitator Animal Health, National Programme For Food Security of the Federal Ministry of Agric & Rural Development, Abuja. I was Director, Veterinary Medicine & Allied Products (VMAP) and now Director North East Zone NAFDAC. I’m a member of the National Institute’ (mni), Kuru SEC 40, 2018. I engaged myself in various aspects of the veterinary profession. I founded Sril Group Ltd, Nigeria.
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